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Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos asked to interview me for his book about Gamergate. Given that he is someone who's continually reframed the narrative to suit his purposes and endangered sources, I found his claims that he'd treat me fairly hilarious. I said as much on Facebook, and I stand by that. I also sent him this email.

You are one of the most duplicitous, manipulative people I've seen trying to take advantage of this whole thing, and that is saying A LOT. I would not trust you to accurately or fairly represent anybody, let alone someone you to stand benefit from slandering.

Moreover you've made your intentions in all this abundantly clear, and your actions do not back up your words. People have been hurt, people have had their lives uprooted, people have suffered. Yes, on both sides—I'll give you that. But you've continually kicked that hornet's nest for your own gain, perpetuated a cycle of rage, hurt, and negativity so you can plaster your smug face all over the results. And all the while, you've flip flopped and flip flopped and flip flopped. You haven't even been smart or careful in your attempts at fooling everyone. You're not even *good* at being duplicitous. That would be the saddest part of all this if not for literally everything else.

But you don't seem to care about that. If it works, it works. You've demonstrated that you're completely unscrupulous in your means so long as you get the end you want. Case in point: you just leaked a Facebook post of mine without a second thought. I am, for your book, a source. You wouldn't have reached out otherwise. So you just violated a source's privacy. Good job on that.

(And yeah, I stand by that post. I found it comical that you think I'd want to talk to you after everything you've done. You can't pull the kind of shit-stirring nonsense you're pulling and also pretend to be an arbiter of truth and fairness. It doesn't work that way. Nothing works that way.)

But again, I don't get the impression you ever wanted an interview. You wanted to stir up more garbage. And you did it. So good job on that too, I guess.

You will, of course, yuck it up about hearing this next part from "me, of all people," but it bears saying: trust is a finite resource. I was always going to reject this interview request, not because I dislike you personally (although I very much do) or because I wanted to pick some childish internet battle. I do not trust you. Many people do not trust you. That is going to impede your career eventually, even if it hasn't yet. Worth keeping in mind.

Have a good one,

Nathan Grayson

He immediately leaked it to his 40,000 twitter followers, because he obviously values his sources greatly. He then started cracking jokes at my expense and having a grand old time. Word to the wise: probably don't talk to Milo and never, ever trust him to treat you fairly.

(Update: it's worth noting that I did post a screencap of Milo's email to a handful of my Facebook friends. That was a legitimately shit thing to do on my part, and I publicly apologized for that. Admittedly, Milo then leaked the leak—and tons of my stuff—to his 40k Twitter followers, so I don't think he really cares that it got out there, nor about practicing what he preaches. Also his email is EASILY FOUND ON HIS WEBSITE'S CONTACT PAGE, which he made available of his own volition. But still, I'll own that mistake.)

Oh, and I made a typo at the end of the email: "and n." On the upside, some of the jokes to come out of it have been pretty funny—a rarity for Gamgergate. The Captain N comparison made me laugh out loud. I hope that one sticks.



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